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Traveling with cat from France to Beijing

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  • Traveling with cat from France to Beijing


    I am moving to China in october or november (2014) with my cat, I will travel with him on the plane. I will have a family reunitement visa (S1) and I would like to know if this visa won't cause a problem at the customs for the entry of my cat or do I need a Z visa specifically ?

    Another question : are the quarantine regulations still the same (7 days at the quarantine station and 23 at home) ? If there is no sign of diseases can they still keep him longer ?

    Thank you for your help !

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    Re: Traveling with cat from France to Beijing

    Melissa - it is our understanding that a Z Visa is required or your cat can be cleared by a licensed agent. The regulations are 7 days of quarantine if entering Beijing from France with the balance at home. Quarantine officials will retain animals with visible signs of ill health or disease.