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Frequent International Travel with a Dog

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  • Frequent International Travel with a Dog

    Hello! I just took a new job with a brand new company (large, international corporation), that I had to move halfway across the US for.

    That said, it is possible that I may travel fairly frequently (once every 3-4 months) to the company's locations in either Europe (Germany or the UK), or China (thankfully no countries with Quarantine requirements).

    As I am in a completely new place, I do not have any trusted friends to leave my dog with, so I plan on bringing him.

    Is it going to be difficult to travel so frequently with him? I am referring to vaccine and tapeworm timelines, Annex II paperwork timelines, etc.

    He has also been trained as a service dog (although not yet registered internationally), if that provides any benefit.

    Any information about the possibilities/difficulties of traveling frequently with a pet would be greatly appreciated!

    (He is a rescue dog with enough separation anxiety that it would be preferable to go through the trouble of bringing him with, than the emotional instability of leaving him behind).



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    Re: Frequent International Travel with a Dog

    Sorry, I should add that he is 15lbs and not a restricted or other specific breed (terrier mix).


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      Re: Frequent International Travel with a Dog

      Hi Anna - you should not have problems bringing your pet with you to the EU or UK, however, China is quite challenging to bring a pet to and Shanghai and Beijing will require quarantine. ( There are other ways to bring pets to China without quarantine, but you will need an agent to do that as customs clearance is extremely difficult and there will be a language barrier. Also, know that service animals are subject to the same requirements as regular animals.