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Guinea pig to Japan

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  • Guinea pig to Japan

    Has anyone ever brought a guinea pig over to Japan? I might be going there for work sometime soon and I need to bring my three piggies with me. I've done some research already but all I could find was an information leaflet from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which deals with importing rodents:

    It sounds a little confusing because... are they really saying that guinea pigs are dangerous if kept as pets and thus cannot enter Japan? That can't be it, can it. I can get them health certificates from at least two vets if that's what it takes to prove that they are healthy.

    Can anybody confirm whether that's true, or are there loopholes?


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    Re: Guinea pig to Japan

    We are not familiar with anyone who has imported a guinea pig to Japan, however it may be good to consult with a local agent and inquire. You can find one at and you can search for a transporter by country. We regret we don't have more information on this, but cannot doubt your publication.


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      Re: Guinea pig to Japan

      Thanks, Susan.

      Do you have any additional information about this, or do you know anybody who brought their piggies over? I'm not sure what to make of the document I posted in my opening post. Everything I read on those websites sounds like guinea pigs are carrying the disease of doom while of course rabbits and dogs aren't.