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Traveling with an FIV+ cat?

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  • Traveling with an FIV+ cat?

    Hi, all!

    First time (potentially) traveling internationally with pets here, and I'm hoping one of you might be able to help me out.

    I am looking to begin applying to veterinary school within the next year, and plan to include some programs that are outside the U.S., seeing as admissions are so ridiculously competitive and my state of residence neither has a program, nor contracts with any states that do.

    My problem is this... one of my cats is FIV+ (among other things). I'm aware that this is going to render him customs-unfriendly in most locations, but I'm having a difficult time determining where. This does not seem to be information that is included on the majority of travel/tourism sites. (For instance, I would have no idea that he was unwelcome in St. Kitts if the university hadn't mentioned it on their website.) I am assuming it must be stipulated on the health certificate somewhere.

    Is there an easier way to come by this information, or am I stuck obtaining health certificates for each of the locations I'm considering?

    Much thanks!

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    Since the disease is not communicable to humans I am not aware of any prohibition for entry into most countries. The standard requirement is that the pet be vaccinated for rabies, free of parasites and free of diseases communicable to humans. You can find the fules and forms for almost all countries at [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - Immigration Info


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      All I know pets are not allowed in any plane they are suppose to be in one room where pets are placed but you cannot bring it with you on passengers sit.