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travel into bahrain from canada with 8 lb dog

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  • travel into bahrain from canada with 8 lb dog

    hi there- does any one know of the nearest country to UAE, that allows airline carrier to land with small dog in cabin of airplane?- we are coming from B.C., Canada, with Pomeranian, to final destination, Dubai---dog is allowed in cabin, for the longest legs of our journey- attempting to minimize 'manifest cargo' time, for our 11 yr old pom--grateful for any feedback, or suggestions

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    Re: travel into bahrain from canada with 8 lb dog

    Bonnie - here are a few options for you. Lufthansa from Vancouver to Frankfurt then a 6 hour flight to Dubai. Frankfurt is their hub and they have a nice facility there. KLM does the same through their hub city, Amsterdam from Vancouver with a 6 hour flight to Dubai. Austrian Air has a 2-stop route through Chicago to Vienna and 5.5 hours to Dubai. The requirements for entering Germany, Italy or the Netherlands would be a microchip and then a rabies vaccination a minimum of 21 days prior to entering. (You will also need an Annex II form). Additionally, there are no residency requirements to enter these countries.

    Most all the countries around the UAE will require a titer test 3 months ahead of entering Dubai because the UAE considers them as high-rabies countries. Your Pom is banned from entering Saudi Arabia (can you imagine?). To import a pet to Qatar, you must be returning to Qatar, intending to reside in the country or have a work visa. One exception is Bahrain and a titer test is also required to enter Bahrain, but that may be a possibility for you as quarantine should not be imposed with a titer test. You can find import regs for all countries here:

    Should you decide to fly to Bahrain, (and we would have to check if there are residency requirements) then Lufthansa can get you there through Frankfurt or KLM through Amsterdam. Air Canada also flies the same route. You can find details and links to instructions and forms here:

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: travel into bahrain from canada with 8 lb dog

      this helps a lot! thank you so much B