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Flying with 2 cats from Hong Kong to anywhere in the States or Canada!

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  • Flying with 2 cats from Hong Kong to anywhere in the States or Canada!

    We are currently living in Macau with our 2 cats and are planning on moving back to the States with them. We want to fly with them in cabin because I am just too scared to put them in checked baggage area and for sure they aint going into cargo. I have been researching like a mad woman online to find an airline that allows pets in cabin to fly from either Macau (via some other city) or Hong Kong (which has more airline options) to anywhere in the USA or Canada, because once we are there we have more options of transportation. I got excited when I found that US airways allows pets in cabin on transpacific flights, but then realized that the flight going from HK to Dallas or Washington DC (the only 2 options) are actually operated by American Airlines, which doesnt allow pets in cabin Then I found hope with Air Canada, which allows pets in cabin flying from HK to Vancouver, but just now found that that flight is an airplane which doesnt allow pets in cabin due to configuration So once again I am out of any possible options. I am looking into Korean Air now, because they do allow pets in cabin as well, but one of my cats is over the weight limit, so the only way I can even consider them is if he looses like 4lbs This is so frustrating. We dont have any set dates of travel or anything, we are still just at a researching stage, so I am hoping that at least as time goes maybe some more airline options will become available. Because as of now I dont even have one viable option of in-cabin travel for my furry babies. Anyone know any other options I could check out??? Any input or ideas would be helpful, thanks in advance!!!!

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    Re: Flying with 2 cats from Hong Kong to anywhere in the States or Canada!

    Max and Marty - Korean Air is a possibility. Also try Jin Air and Juneyao Airlines. Don't know that much about them, but they fly from Macau to JFK and their policies do include in-cabin transport. I would also mention that weight requirements are generally close to the same on the airlines.