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Fying to the U.S from korea with a cat

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  • Fying to the U.S from korea with a cat

    hello I will be moving back to the states from korea in november and will be taking my cat who is 17 lbs he is also very vocal everytime we put him in a crate so I was going to have him in cargo. I am very nervous as this is a 15 hour flight, I was wondering what a good crate size would be and how I should keep his water and food? and if anyone has ever flown with their cat for this long? if so how did it go?any information would really be helpful , thanks.

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    The IATA compliant pet crate type 100 should be large enough for your cat. It comes with a food bowl and water bowl attached to the inside of the front door. As long as your flight is on the same airline you should have no problems. Pet cats and dogs have made much longer flights than that one. If you do not yet have the complete instructions and the US veterinary certificate it is available at [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - Immigration Info.