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Taking dog to Belgium from USA

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  • Taking dog to Belgium from USA

    I have an older dog, with a 9 digit microchip. I have read that we can still ship her with the old microchip as long as there is a microchip scanner attached to her crate. Is this correct? Also, I would like to confirm what forms my dog needs for import and timing on shots. Her rabies was given in Jan 2104 and she is up to date on all other vaccinations. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Taking dog to Belgium from USA

    It is correct that if your pet has a 9 digit microchip, you can attach a scanner (or carry one if you are clearing customs with your pet) that will correctly identify your pet. You should be fine to enter Belgium as your pet has been vaccinated for rabies after the chip was implanted. You will need an Annex II form for Belgium completed by a USDA accredited vet and endorsed by your State USDA office within 20 days of travel. You should also get an APHIS 7001 form endorsed as well as this is what the airlines are looking for. You can find details here on taking your pet to Belgium with links for instructions and forms should you need them: