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To cebu from Denver with my dog

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  • To cebu from Denver with my dog

    I plan on going to Cebu Philippines in September, from Denver Colorado. This will be my 4th time there ,my wife lives in manila, but we are planning on finding a place in Cebu to live for a while I plan on staying for 6 months or more. I might have to take my dog with me. she is an American eskimoe dog she weights about 24lbs so I know she will have to fly cargo. The only direct route I found is using Philippines airline which will fly from LAX to manila that is a 14 hour flight then a 3 hour layover then about an hour flight to Cebu that flights leave at night . However I will have to use a different airlines to get to LA from Denver, that is about a 2.5 hour flight. My question is should I try to take both flights the same day? I could schedule flight to La early, and pick my dog up. I could just spend time at airport (I heard they have a dog park there) and then when it is time, check in with Philippines airlines.OR should I fly to LA and stay a couple of days and then fly to Cebu?another ideal is to fly to La stay a couple of days, then to Manila Stay a couple of Days and then to Cebu. Also I will also have to fly her back when I come back. I will appreciate your input. I do know that I will have to get an import permit and a health certificate from vet. endorse by the consulate and have all the require shots and a microchip

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    Re: To cebu from Denver with my dog

    You will need to be sure you have enough time to claim your pet and re-check it with Philippines Airlines in LAX. If you must change airlines, doing to while in the US is the best option. The decision to stay overnight is up to you as you know your pet best.