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Some questions about moving to Russia with cats

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  • Some questions about moving to Russia with cats

    Hi. I plan to move from the US to Russia some time this fall, and I found all the information on your site very helpful. But I still have questions. My main issue is I have two cats and, if I understood correctly, I can only take one into the cabin with me. I don't feel comfortable putting one into cargo hold, especially my senior cat who is very attached to me. And I've heard pet carriers in cargo are treated just like any other luggage and are tossed around and stuff. Anyway, cargo is out of the question. Are there any airlines that would allow for two pet carriers in the cabin? Or would they have to be two cats in one carriers, while still meeting the weight restrictions? The two cats don't get along very well, so I'm afraid they may fight throughout the flight and stress each other out. Can I possibly take two pet carriers into the cabin if I, say, don't take anything else as far as carry-on goes? I don't know what to do, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Another question. The information page says that only two Moscow airports have the facilities to clear pet customs. I'm flying to Saint Petersburg. Does that mean I'll have to get a ticket that will bring me to Moscow first and then a connecting flight to Saint Petersburg from there (Aeroflot)? I usually fly with Finnair, which goes to Helsinki and then puts me on a connecting short flight to Saint Petersburg. Will I not be able to do that?

    Another question. Pet microchip is not required in Russia. So if I fly to Moscow, then to Saint Petersburg, I don't need one. But if my connecting flight is in any other European country (e.g. Finland), will it be required because I'm making a transfer there?

    Thanks in advance. I may have other questions later.

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    Re: Some questions about moving to Russia with cats

    Generally, airlines permit one pet carrier per adult passenger. Some airlines will permit 2 pets in the same carrier, but there must be adequate room, and it does not sound like a good idea in your case. If someone else is traveling with you, then each of you could carry a carrier. To address your question on airports, Pulkovo Airport in Saint-Petersburg is acceptable to import pets so you will not have to enter the country through Moscow. As for your third question, as long as you are not changing airlines (airplanes is OK, airlines is not) you should be ok. The airlines will not interline pets if they are in cargo. If they are traveling with you, then you want to stay in the secure area of the terminal and not clear customs. This way, you will transit the country and not have to conform to their regulations.