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Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

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  • Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

    I was looking through the web and see how much it would cost if I just get my dog shipped from Dallas, TX to Manila, Philippines but, it was $6,800. Is it cheaper to check her in as a luggage or get her shipped? I don't have a flight date yet so I'm trying to get infos and other things before I book my flight. She's a German Shepherd, about 80lbs and she'll be 8 years old this year. The airlines I've always used is AA then a lay over at Japan and board JAL to NAIA (Manila, Philippines International airport.)

    Can anyone tell me the procedures before I board the plane in Dallas, then what I have to do at Japan airport, then when arriving in Manila. What I need to get done, how much time I should have. I just need all the information I could get.

    I tried doing this the first time but, I backed out because I was scared that I would mess up on something and lose her. So Im back in America and would really like to get her back with me to Philippines as I will be staying ther for a long time for college.

    All the info's you get give me would be very appreciated!

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    Re: Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

    Try either Philippine Airlines through LAX or Delta through Detroit. (verify that Delta does not fly their 767 on this route). Try to stay out of Narita Airport in Japan. It is a difficult airport to transit.

    You should be able to ship your pet as accompanied checked baggage. You can book both your ticket and one for your pet through their reservations number.


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      Re: Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

      this is probably a little late. But I am trying to fly my dog to manila also from Colorado. I know Philippines airlines has a direct flight from La to Manila you will have to schedule another flight from Dallas to La. Also United airlines has a pet safe program which I inquire about shipping my dog they gave me a company to contact part of the e-mail is below. MY dog weights about 24lbs I am sure your dog will be charge more but I do not think it will be 6,000 also you will need an import permit from there and a health certificate by a vet and endorse by the Philippines consulate that serves your region and all require shots and a microchip I Believed with the 15 letter codes. I hope this help

      Today at 4:17 PM

      Dear Mr. Jackson,

      Unfortunately, we do not have Pet Safe service into Cebu. We do have service into Manila at this time. If you wish to make reservation for your pet to travel into that city we will need you to contact a customs broker to make arrangements.



      PHONE: 632-853-4811



      A few things to know about rates:
      • Rates provided are based on one-way travel and are estimated.
      • The shipping cost is based on the combined gross weight of your pet and carrier, plus applicable tax, fuel surcharges and freight processing fee.
      • The final total cost is determined when you drop-off your pet. Advance payment is not available at this time.

      Given the information provided, the estimated base rate to ship your pet is $599 plus $100 overnight kennel in HNL plus fees listed above. Other fees for kenneling may apply depending on the pets starting location.

      Thank you,


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        Re: Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

        My recommendation would be to contact for any pet brokerage questions. I'm not sure they ship from the Philippines, though.


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          Re: Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

          Another solution might be if you are still interested.