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Traveling from Canada to Spain with dog in August

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  • Traveling from Canada to Spain with dog in August

    Hi everyone,

    I have a German Shepherd that will be traveling from Canada to Madrid in August. I have reviewed all info on EU requirements for importing pets, but I am looking for some further info from people who have transported their big dogs to Spain.

    1. Which of these two airlines would you recommend - Lufthansa or KLM (my only two options) for handling a big dog, and why?

    2. Any tips on preparing the dog for the flight (other than getting her used to the kennel)?

    3. What should be my expectations around picking her up from the airport once we land? I understand a customs vet will have to look at her - how long will this take? Will we be allowed to be present? Will she be taken out of the kennel by other people or will we handle her, etc.

    4. My dog has a 15 number micro-chip. All online info I was able to find suggests this is compliant with the ISO standards in the EU. Does anyone have any other info?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Re: Traveling from Canada to Spain with dog in August

    Anna - your pet's chip will be accepted in Madrid. Both KLM and Lufthansa are good airlines. We have not heard bad reviews on them. Time for customs clearance will depend on time of day and traffic but should not be long with proper documentation.