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Double Charge of in-cabin Fees

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  • Double Charge of in-cabin Fees

    Just starting on a journey with 2 Shih Tzu young adults from the Philippines to the US. I decided to book on Delta since they seem to be the most amicable to in cabin pet travel for an international flight. There are 2 humans traveling as well. Delta charges $200 per pet for in cabin travel, which I was aware of and not opposed to pay. Yes I agree with some of the arguments about the fees that I have read, but what are you going to do? My argument is this; Delta booked me all the way on one reservation from Manila to Denver (manila to tokyo, tokyo to Seattle, Seattle to Denver), for which I will pay $200 per pet at the ticket counter when I fly in a few days. The last leg of my flight from SEA to Denver was to be flown by Alaska Air, but booked by Delta with a Delta flight number. Delta instructed me to call Alaska separately to alert them that I was traveling with in cabin pets. I did and Alaska Air informed me that they would charge me $100 each pet to fly from SEA to Denver. Now that I was opposed to. I will have already paid Delta to fly me from MNL to DEN and paid them for the pets. But now Alaska says they will charge me at their ticket counter again for the pets. I immediately called Delta back and explained what had happened. The customer service agent checked with a supervisor and it was confirmed that Alaska Air can and will charge extra for the pets for the last leg of my flight. So I cancelled my flight going to SEA-TAC and instead booked my flight through MSP to Denver (MNL to Tokyo, Tokyo to MSP, MSP to DEN). MSP was not my first choice of airports to fly through, however, since the continuing flight to Denver was a Delta plane and there would be no additional charge for the two dogs to fly the rest of the way. I just found this surprising and a word to the wise when flying international and using connecting flights when arriving in the US, even if it is booked on one reservation. Not knowing this cost me about 3 hours of sleep, due to the added time of changing reservations. Delta was immensely helpful in booking my reservation and I have heard that Alaska Air is a very pet friendly airline. However, I was not willing to pay two pet fees when it was booked by Delta and was considered to be one continuous journey to my destination of Denver. Evidently Delta and Alaska Air do not work well together when it comes to sharing fees.
    I will report back here when my journey is complete from Manila Philippines to Denver Colorado, USA with 2 dogs. I have done a lot of research on this trip over the past 2 years since I bought the pups in the Philippines 2 years ago. I hope my research pays off, although, even with all my research, I was not expecting the snag I hit this morning when booking my tickets. Another concern of mine was transit through Narita/Tokyo, however I am not anticipating any problems there due to my research.