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Bringing my cats from India to NZ

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    Re: Bringing my cats from India to NZ

    Hello Hashid - you should contact the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment & Water Department of Animal Health for export requirements from the UAE. We are not aware of any specific requirements outside of the requirements for all animals entering the UAE. Maybe I am not understanding your question.

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  • Hashid
    started a topic Bringing my cats from India to NZ

    Bringing my cats from India to NZ


    I am a NZ resident & I would like to bring my pet Persian cats from India to NZ. However as the NZ regulations restrict the cats to travel directly from India, I would like to board them for 6 months in UAE. After the six month period I can bring them to NZ as per the NZ rules.

    I would like to know whether I will get the necessary clearances in terms of pet certificates from UAE once the cats are ready to travel to NZ after the 6 months period.

    Is there anything to be done besides the usual tests & certificates while moving to UAE, since they are to be moving to NZ after 6 months.

    Please let me know. Thanks.