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Traveling with two cats from Bulgaria (VAR) to New York (JFK)

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  • Traveling with two cats from Bulgaria (VAR) to New York (JFK)


    As the title suggests, I will be traveling from Varna, Bulgaria to New York, JFK Airport with two male cats. One is a domestic short hair (R.), the other a partially paralyzed Persian (S.). Unfortunately, I can not crate them together, as R. is a playful 1 year old who constantly jumps on S., much to S.'s dismay.

    S.'s hind quarters are paralyzed and he can not walk, nor can he urinate on his own. I have to manually express him. He can hold for 12 hours, but any length of time over that can be deadly for him.

    All in all, it's a long flight, with two connections. I suppose the best question to ask first is, [U]What is the best way to transport cats considering the above? [/U]

    I also have to take costs into consideration as I will be transporting cargo back to the states as well, in addition to the flight.

    Personal experience is the best response, so please, feel free to offer any suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Varna, Bulgaria to New York

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    Your best bet is to break the trip into two trips with an intermediate stop to shorten the time the cats will be in the air.

    Some airlines will allow you to bring one pet on board in the cabin but not two of them. It would appear they would have to travel as checked baggage. The airline will transfer the cats from one flight to another but they will NOT transfer them from one airline to another airline.

    I hope this helps



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      i'm going from canada to italy with a 2 hr stop in switzerland, and i was gonna bring my cat in the cabin (i've already paid for her) but i read its better to check pets in because they would be in a separate area from luggage and can be put in a larger carrier. but im scared that because of the stop, my pet will get lost. should i bring her in the cabin? it will be an 8 hr overnight flight. i'm concerned for the other travellers, in case there is someone allergic, or if my cat goes to the washroom, it will stink!!!! what should i do? im scared she will get lost if i check her!!!!!


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        i've flown a cat in the cargo hold of a plane, and i would strongly advise you to please take your cat in-cabin to italy if at all possible. i have also flown with 2 cats in-cabin and, yes, the carriers are smaller, but they were both relaxed as we were right there with them and slept the entire way. on the other hand, the cat i flew in cargo was jumpy and nervous for 2 years following the flight. i would never do it again. please only use cargo as a last resort, not a more "comfortable" option, no matter what airlines tell you.