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    I am planning a trip from USA to multiple countries in Europe. All of their requirements are the same, so do I need to do a passport for each country I plan to enter? Or will one passport suffice? What about the health exam? It's supposed to be done within 10 days of entering the country, but by the time I hit my 3rd country it will have been more than 10 days since the exam.

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    Re: Multiple Borders

    You must enter the EU within 10 days of the endorsement or issuance of the Annex II form. If you are traveling from the US or Canada, it is 10 days from the date that the form was endorsed by the USDA or CFIA respectively. Once you have entered the EU, you can travel within the EU for 4 months after the date of issuance using the same Annex II form. The health exam within 10 days may be required by the airlines.

    There are several countries within the EU that have additional requirements that you should know if you plan on visiting them. The UK, Ireland, Malta, Isle of Man, Finland and Norway all require that your pet have a tapeworm test within one and five days of entering those countries. Other than that, you should be able to move freely through Europe.