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    We will be traveling Dec 2014 from the US with our yorkie in cabin to the following stops:
    US to Dublin, Ireland (24 hour layover)
    Dublin, Ireland to Paris, France (5 nights)
    Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland via rail (5 nights)
    Geneva, Switzerland to Madrid, Spain (+/- 24 hour layover)
    Madrid, Spain to US
    I clearly understand STEPS 1 & 2 after that I do not have clear understanding. Due to the fact we are US citizens do we need the Pet Passport? Will we be carrying tons of paper work with us? How will this all work and what are your suggestions?
    Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Travel with Einstein

    Pets can enter Ireland thru Dublin Airport. The rules are the same as for the UK in terms of microchip, rabies vaccination, Annex II certificate and tapeworm certificate. They must arrive as manifested cargo and prior arrangements must be made by filing for a permit unless they are arriving on Aer Lingus, Lufthansa or Emirates Air. If arriving on those three airlines then the import permit is not required but they still must arrive as manifested cargo.

    You will need another Annex II to go to France. Since you are only in Ireland for 1 day that form can be filled out and USDA certified here in the US.

    That certificate will suffice for the rest of the countries as long as you enter Spain within 10 days of when the certificate was signed by an authorized veterinarian.