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Pet traveling from Miami, FL to Russia

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  • Pet traveling from Miami, FL to Russia

    I will be shipping a puppy by cargo on Delta airlines from Miami, FL to Moscow, Russia. The puppy is 4 months old and has its rabies vaccine. What else do I need in order to send out the puppy? Does the puppy have to go through quarantine? If so for how long? Is there any extra charges I might have to pay? any detailed information would help thanks!

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    Russia does not quarantine healthy pets who have been vaccinated for rabies and who are accompanied by a certificate of good health. There are no import fees for personal pets but I am not certain about commercial shipments.

    Your puppy must travel in an IATA compliant pet crate the meet speical requirements. You can see them by going to [url][/url] and then clicking on Cargo Crates

    If you need the complete instructions and Russia health certificate you can find it at [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - immigration info and scroll down to Russia.



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      In other words, If i do as what is stated above the puppy should just get there without any problems correct? I just want to avoid the puppy being delayed. I want it to get there safely and everything go smoothly