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Japan - 3 year rabies vaccination recognized?

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  • Japan - 3 year rabies vaccination recognized?

    Noob here! Looking for some urgent assistance!

    Going through the hoops of getting my dog to Japan from Canada in May 2014. First hurdle so far is that her rabies vaccination was in June 2011 and it was a 3 year vaccination. I had her vaccinated again today in order to do the blood titer test. However, my vet questioned whether or not Japan would accept the validity of the previous 3 year vaccination, since they may only accept 1 year vaccines. If not, today's vaccination would count as #1 and we would need to go back for #2 in 31 days. I really don't want to wait 31 days for the 2nd vaccine and blood test, since that will push my departure back by a month!

    Does anyone know if Japan will recognize the first 3 year vaccination? I've combed through their website and the closest I've come is

    Q:What is the ‘valid period' for rabies vaccinations?
    A:The ‘valid period' refers to the period for which a vaccine inoculation continues to be effective. There are many types of rabies vaccine, which have different valid periods. Please note that the valid period, may affect preparations in the country of export. Please be sure to check in advance.

    Far from an answer! I've emailed through the Japanese Animal Quarantine Service website, but I'm not overly confident I'll hear back. Anyone know the answer, or know where I could find it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Japan - 3 year rabies vaccination recognized?

    Japan does recognize the three year vaccine as long as the vaccinations are given in the correct order.