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Cat from Batam to Singapore and after to Europe

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  • Cat from Batam to Singapore and after to Europe

    WE have a blue Persian cat that we got in Batam, Indonesia. Batam is a island with no rabies. In Batam we cant get cip and either rabies vaccine. For that we have to go to Jakarta, but Jakarta it is a rabies area. If we get the cat to Jakarta to put cip we cant get it back to Batam. Anyone knows if we can get the cat to Singapore, and get the cip there while is staying in quarantine for the rabies vaccine? If we take the cat from the quarantine, with cip, and all the vaccine direct to the plain to go to Europe, the cat shouldn't stay in quarantine in Europe again. Correct? Thank you very much!

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    Re: Cat from Batam to Singapore and after to Europe

    Hello Roger - Although Batam may be rabies free, the European Commission does not state that Bantam would be subject to the regulations of animal import from a Third or rabies free country. I would anticipate that your cat would be subject to the titer test as well as vaccination. The European Commission is clear on the process: 1. microchip 2. rabies vaccination 3. blood titer test 30 days after vaccination 4. enter the EU 90 days after the date the blood was drawn. Should you take your pet to Singapore, it would have to reside there for 6 months to qualify as entering the EU from a Third Country.

    Your case is unusual and I would suggest that you contact the European Commission to confirm. You can find their contact info here:
    Sorry I could not be of more assistance.