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Travel from Brazil to the US

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  • Travel from Brazil to the US


    I have an English Cocker Spaniel, female, and I want to move from Brazil to the US next year, to study.
    I am desperately looking for some way to travel with her inside the cabin, but I can't find any.
    I will not, under any circumstances, send her as luggage, because of the HUGE amount of deaths, losses, etc... so I need to take her in-cabin.
    She weights about 30 pounds (about 13-14 kg), and fits in most of the airlines' dimensions for crates, but the ones that accept her weight, have too small dimensions, so I can't figure it out.
    I would be willing to travel from any country in the vicinity (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc...) to ANY state in the US, and would be willing to pay extra (a new sit, fees, taxes, whatever...).

    I absolutely need help, if I can't go with her in-cabin I can't go, which would be awful, obviously.

    Please help.
    Thank you

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    Re: Travel from Brazil to the US

    Unfortunately, we know of no commercial airline that will accept your Cocker Spaniel in the cabin. Pets of this size are only accepted when they are medically required comfort animals and the airlines must have a program in place that will accept them. Delta does, and you can find their requirements here:

    Aside from that, another option would be to charter a plane, but that is very expensive unless you can split the cost with other people who are interested in flying the route with you.

    Sorry I could not be of more assistance.


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      Re: Travel from Brazil to the US

      There is no commercial airline which accept a dog in this size inside a cabin. The only way is flying by a private charter which you might share the cost with few other passengers. We sent 3 dogs from Argentina to Miami this way.

      Best wishes