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Pet starling in Denmark

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  • Pet starling in Denmark

    I live in the USA, and am thinking about moving to Denmark someday.

    I have a pet European Starling, which is legal where I live, since they are an invasive species here and not protected by law. However, I know that they are a native species in Europe, which may cause problems if I move.


    1. what are the laws about transporting a European starling from the United States into Denmark?


    2. what are the laws about keeping a European starling as a pet in Denmark, and if it requires a permit, how do you get one?

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    Re: Pet starling in Denmark

    Hmm... I posted this yesterday (9/23/2013) but for some weird reason it showed up dated January 2006, and was listed on the very last page of posts where no one would see it. Maybe this comment will bump it to where it's supposed to be.


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      Re: Pet starling in Denmark

      Norway does not publish regulations regarding birds, and I do not have information on starlings. I would suggest you contact their govt. agency:
      Danish Veterinary & Food Administration (
      Division of import/export
      Morkhoj Bygade 19
      Soborg, DK-2860
      Tel: 0045 3395 6115
      Fax: 0045 3967 5248
      Sorry I could not be of more assistance.


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        Re: Pet starling in Denmark

        Thank you for the link! I'll try to contact those people. I appreciate the reply!


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          Re: Pet starling in Denmark

          In case anyone else is wondering about this issue, I'll post the reply I received!


          A starling belongs to the order Passeriformes, and there are no ban against keeping them as pets according to legislation under the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

          There is however legislation for keeping a starling in order (bekendtgørelse) nr. 1021 af 12/12-2002, and it is allowed to keep it, if you can comply to §§ 5-15 in this legislation. You can find the legislation in this link:

          If your starling is travelling with you and it is not intended for sale, then you can read the legislation for personal travelling with a pet bird in Danish in this link:!0%2c2.A!1%2c2!0%2c3!200%2cS06.00! 0%2cS6.0!0%2cS6.1!0%2cS6.2!0%2cS6.3!0%2cS6.4!0%2cS 6.5!0%2cS6.6!0%2cS6.7!0%2cS6.8

          Unfortunately we cannot offer to translate the links for you…

          But the certificate (written in Danish and English) that must follow you and your starling is La 23,0-1822. You can find it here:

          The owner declaration (ejererklæring) must also accompany you and your starling.

          Be aware, that there can be other legislation for keeping a starling, for example under the Danish Nature Agency, see link:

          VeterinærØst whishes you a pleasant journey.


          So it seems it's okay to bring a pet starling to Denmark! From what I could read of those links, I just have to make sure the bird has a clean bill of health and is kept in a humane environment, and there are some forms involved, but... it's good to know it could work!


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            Re: Pet starling in Denmark

            Really happy to hear this, and we thank you for sharing! Have a safe trip.