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Need some help with my chinese puppy

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  • cyprusholidays1
    Re: Need some help with my chinese puppy

    I think Jerry is right..

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  • Jerry
    British Airways does not accept pets in the cabin on that route. Since you are coming from China the pet must have a blood titer test 3 months prior to entering Germany. You must also have the EU form 998. Failure to comply with those rules means the pet will either be quarantine for 3 months on arrival in Germany, returned to the country of origin or destroyed. If you need the complete rules and forms for taking a pet into Germany from China go to [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - immigration info and scroll down to Germany. We can email everything to you. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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  • YeohGongCheung
    started a topic Need some help with my chinese puppy

    Need some help with my chinese puppy

    Hello :]

    I am in Beijing (China) right now and my friend gave me a little puppy.. and now I am leaving in about 6 days ..and I so want to take my little dog with me.
    I read already a lot of stuff, but I fear more and more, that in that short time it won't be possible to get everything ready. Also I am flying with British Airways.. on their site I couldn't find anything about having pets in the cabin with you ..but here on the Pet Travel site, it says it is possible.
    I dont have any paper for the doc (my friend neither, because she got the puppy from her friend who's dog was pregnant..)... so what do I do now?
    Could someone please help me, step by step how do I get my puppy with me back home (Germany)?
    Also I read that there are special rules for travelling with puppies..

    Thank you very much