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Moving from Denmark to Oregon - USA

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  • Moving from Denmark to Oregon - USA

    We're flying next week with our 2 dogs (one is a puppy, coming in cabin - and the other going on the hold). Flying Lufthansa to Seattle via Frankfurt.

    I have a few questions regarding the health certificate. I have already microchipped, gotten a EU passport, got the rabies vaccines and now, tomorrow we'll go to the vet to get a health check.

    However, I'm very confused about this document. I read many people mentioning this USDA- APHIS 7001 form but I'm not sure this apply for us departing from Europe?! Reminding again, we're starting our journey in Denmark.

    The health certificate is just a paper in which my vet state my dogs are in good health for traveling or does it require one of these forms?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Moving from Denmark to Oregon - USA

    The APHIS 7001 form is not required to leave Denmark. This form is used for pets leaving the US.