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Taking a pup from Bosnia to US

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  • Taking a pup from Bosnia to US

    Hello everyone,

    I have a small pup that is about 10 weeks old, I am trying to take him from Bosnia to the United States. Can someone please help me and walk me through the process of getting him to the US. So far I have done some research and am tracking for the most part. I plan to take the dog to the vet, I believe he is too young the get his shots, so I need to fill out a confinement form right? But with a confinement form, is the dog allowed to travel in the cabin? Also, what extra paperwork do I need to have to get him from Bosnia to Serbia. Since he is not even three months old, and he can't get shots..(can someone confirm this please?) do I need to take him to the vet and get some type of vet paper work for him? This is my first time doing this so I am also not even sure all of the questions to ask....someone if it is not too much to ask please help me out and walk me through the process. I am just trying to get this little guy a life that I know he cannot get here in Bosnia and want to make sure I am not missing anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Taking a pup from Bosnia to US

    Hello Maidak - you will need to fill out a home confinement form to enter the US without the rabies series. You will also need a health certificate issued by your veterinarian shortly prior to travel. It is not a requirement of the airline that your puppy has completed its rabies shots. I am unsure as to why you want to take your puppy to Serbia. According to the EU Consortium, your puppy will need a microchip, then rabies vaccination (in that order) within 21 days of entry to Serbia, although pets are not inspected at the borders.

    If you need instructions and forms for entering the US, you can find them here and they can be emailed to you: