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Relocation to Libya

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  • Relocation to Libya

    I'm a Persian cat and I'm moving to Benghazi in Libya with my family in July from Doha in Qatar. All flights have quite a long transit time (Istanbul or Amman). Anyone know what will happen to me there?

    Also,why do some airlines refuse to accept Persian cats for travel? Qatar Air won't let me go as accompanied or cargo, even though I travelled to Qatar with them 2 years ago.

    Thank you
    Izzy (meow)

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    If you are actually entering either Turkey or Jordan with the cat then you will need to comply with their requirements. If you are only changing airplances and the pet does not enter the country then nothing will be required.

    The reason airlines do not like to carry persians in cargo is that they are a snub nosed breed and can have breathing problems. Some airlines allow them, others do not.