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Taking different flight than Cat - help

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  • Taking different flight than Cat - help

    So we are on a day flight from Boston to London and BA will only transport pets on overnnight flights (that is nowhere listed on their or their cargo company's website by the way). So will it be ok to send my cat on the flight the night before us and leave him at Heathrow's Animal Centre for the day? He would arrive at 7:30am and we will be arriving at 7:30pm. Sounds like them let them out and give them food and water so I am thinking he will be fine if there is no airport policy against it. Anyone know how this works? Thanks.

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    Re: Taking different flight than Cat - help

    We would recommend that you contact BA. They arrange for an agent to take your pet from the airplane to the Animal Clearance Center anyway. If you can find out who they use, or hire your own agent, you can be sure that your cat will be cared for. Usually, clearance takes several hours to four hours.