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Urgent help needed for pet traveling from Canada to Malaysia

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  • Urgent help needed for pet traveling from Canada to Malaysia

    The reason for writing this post is because I need to clarify some doubts that I have about the amount of money that I have to pay in order to bring my pets with me from Canada to Malaysia (plane).
    First, because of a family reunion on July 01 of this year, i'm traveling with my son, my three pets (a dog and two cats) from Canada via Cathay Pacific to Penang-Malasyia, then stopping at Hong Kong. I have already the respective documentation such as Health Certificate, import Permit etc ...
    I called three days ago to this company (cathay pacific) to get information about my pets, they referred me to Cathay Pacific Cargo, after giving them all information about my pets (weight and dimensions of the Kennels), they gave me the amount of money I have to pay, this is what they said: "The chargeable weight for These 3 kennel, will be 132kg, the cost for sending These from Toronto to Penang will be around cAD $ 3.930".
    I was speechless, immediately I called them back to clarify the reason for the excessive amount of money, they answered that they were based of the dimensions of the Kannels, but not the weight of my pets (which to me makes no sense at absolute).
    according to the information I found on this page: # WPP

    i would only have to pay the following:

    For my dog it would cost $ 300 considering the weight and dimensions. My dog weighs just 23 kg and measuring less than 158cm and we are traveling from Zone 5 (Canada) to Zone 1 (Malaysia), but I have to add $100 because of extra weight of 3kg for the Kannel, which would make a total of 26kg reaching a total of $ 400 for the dog.
    For my cats obviously the cost for each one of them is $ 300 and weighing and measuring less than Rex

    In conclusion, it should pay the sum of $ 1,000 for the trip of my pets, which is fair.

    Please I need urgent help and advice, I am traveling july 1st.

    help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!