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From Equatorial Guinea to Finland with a cat (and dog..?)

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  • From Equatorial Guinea to Finland with a cat (and dog..?)

    Dear all,
    I'm thinking of taking my cat with me when traveling back to Europe from Equatorial Guinea. The final destination is Finland, and planned travel date early July. The cat is young and thus it is only possible to have it vaccinated in the next two weeks.

    My question is, what is officially the status of Equatorial Guinea as to rabies? I would imagine it is rather a "high-risk" than "third country", but it doesn't occur on either list that I found through PetTravel.. Can anyone help me with this? Are there rules for countries that do not occur on these lists?

    I read that for entering Finland "from a Country with a High Incidence of Rabies, quarantine can be avoided by having a Blood Titer Test done after vaccination and 3 months prior to travel."
    I know I could have a chip put and this test done around here, but due to the cat's age it would only be around mid-May - leaving 1,5 months prior to planned travel. Is this unavoidably too little time? Would the cat likely be quarantined, or can there be some sort of exceptions to this 3-month rule?

    It isn't easy, but I'd still like to see if it somehow could work out.. I'm possibly thinking of bringing a dog over as well and assume just the same rules apply to dogs here.
    If it won't work out with this time-frame, I'd change my travel plans - or take the animals on the next trip back after a few more months..

    looking forward to some informed answers..! cheers