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Cat travel to Finland from New Zealand

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  • Cat travel to Finland from New Zealand

    hi, I would love to know if anyone has experience on flying your cat to the other side of the world. I've been planning to move back home and wanting to take my well loved 4 year old cat with me. Would it be better to break the flights to as many short flight as possible or go the whole way at once? I want to stress the little man as little as possible. Also if anyone has info on which airlines would be the best for this trip please let me know. This will be the first time for me flying with a pet so will appreciate any additional hints and tips!

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    Re: Cat travel to Finland from New Zealand

    Hi Saara,

    We bought our cat to the USA from New Zealand over a year ago and had the same concerns. She was totally fine though, and it was much better than leaving her of course!

    We used a pet relocation service who arranged all the paperwork and flights etc. for us, but on hindsight I think it may have been better to do it on our own. They weren't very helpful and didn't tell us where/how to collect her on the other side.

    In terms of airlines - there's not a huge selection in NZ, but we used Qantas and they were good to our girl. We're using Lufthansa to fly our animals to Sweden soon though, and they've been WAY better so I'd highly recommend using them. Best to fly direct if possible, to minimise the actual time he spends in transit and on the plane. Lufthansa lets cats fly in the cabin with you, so it's much better than having to put them with the baggage (we had to do that on the way out of NZ).

    A good thing to do is to call the airlines and ask them what their pet policy is, and how it all works. They're usually really helpful. I've talked to Lufthansa heaps recently and they've been great. Check this out and then call them:

    Make sure you also check out the vaccination/import requirements for Finland on their embassy website too, and have your vet fill out the international paperwork. Hope that helps! Good luck