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International transport - by sea (eg: not via airlines)

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  • International transport - by sea (eg: not via airlines)


    I am interested to know of alternatives to airline travel for international transportation of a bulldog (from Europe to Australia). In particular a french bulldog. I have read that transporting bulldogs is riskier and also that some airlines have already banned flying english bulldogs for this reason.

    Therefore my question is: What are the options for transporting a dog internationally by sea? Are there cruise ships that offer this service or some other cargo ships?

    I do not have a dog at the moment, but am in living in europe with intention of returning to australia, and I'm considering getting a french bulldog so I want to understand what the options would be to ensure I'll be able to bring the dog back to australia.


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    Re: International transport - by sea (eg: not via airlines)

    I am not aware of a commercial ship that will transport your pet by sea. Australia has strict requirements for pets entering either by sea or by air. For vessel information contact AQIS Live Animal Imports on +61 2 6272 4454 or by email ( to determine eligibility for import.


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      Re: International transport - by sea (eg: not via airlines)

      Hi there, I don't know if what is the rules now for traveling a dog, specially an English dog. But I'm sure they have something to offer to travelers for pet to travel. Anyway, are you planning to buy a travel insurance? When is it smart to buy travel insurance and when is it not? Many may be asking themselves that question, following the recent disasters face by passengers aboard the Carnival cruise ship Triumph. Experts weigh in on the issue.