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Dallas to Riga in mid-summer

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  • Dallas to Riga in mid-summer

    I'm moving from Dallas to Riga, Latvia, this July with my dog, a 14 lb. poodle mix. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the process of choosing a flight, and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can help me out. FYI, my employer is paying for my flight, but I'm not sure how much they're willing to pay.

    There aren't very many airlines that service Riga, and there are even fewer that will fly a dog out of Dallas in the middle of July. My options have pretty much come down to these:

    1. Cheapest option: Fly Dallas to Chicago on SAS operated by United, 5 hour layover. Chicago to Copenhagen on SAS, 6 hour layover. Copenhagen to Riga on SAS operated by airBaltic.
    (This one makes me nervous because it involves three airlines and two long layovers.)

    2. Mid-Price option: DFW to Chicago on Lufthansa operated by United, 57 min layover. Chicago to Frankfurt on Lufthansa operated by United, 10.5 hour layover in Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Riga on Lufthansa.
    (Once again, a very short and very long layover, but at least this one is in Frankfurt, and only requires two airlines.)

    3. Expensive option: Basically the same as #1, but with shorter layovers.

    4. Most expensive option: DFW to Frankfurt, 1 hr. layover, Frankfurt to Riga. All on Lufthansa.

    So... I'm leaning toward options 2 & 4 because United and Lufthansa have good reputations. Should I go with the longer layover in Frankfurt that will give my dog the chance to be cared for before the 2-hr flight to Riga? Or should I ask my employer if they'll pay for option four, which is all one airline, fewer stops, and shorter layovers?

    Phew. Sorry for the overload of information.

    And, hey, while I'm here, do you know if I'll have to go through customs in Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Norway during the layover, or if they'll just send us on to Riga?

    Thank you so much for your help!!

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    Re: Dallas to Riga in mid-summer

    By the way, I realize that options 1-3 use more than one airline, but I was hoping that would be okay since they're codeshares booked through the same company. Thoughts?


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      Re: Dallas to Riga in mid-summer

      Hi Amy - If it were my pet, I would take option #4. The layovers are minimal and the route is direct and with one airline. There are several other airlines that serve this route: British Aireays, Air Berlin and Iberia. That said, these airlines have restrictions on carrying your pet as cargo out of Dallas in July. This time of year is difficult for the airlines because the pets will be exposed to higher temperatures in holding areas and on the tarmac.

      You need to check with the airline to see if additional charges and restrictions apply as they sometimes do on codeshare arrangements. Again, the route with Lufthansa is so much cleaner and faster.


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        Re: Dallas to Riga in mid-summer

        Thank you for all your help, Susan.