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From Europe to South America

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  • From Europe to South America

    Hi everyone
    I'm looking for advice on how best to travel from Spain to South America with my two pooches.Has anyone done this before?

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    Since you have two pet animals and I assume there is only one passenger they will need to travel as checked baggage in a special section of the cargo hold where the temperature and pressure is the same as in the cabin. Your pets must travel in an IATA compliant pet crate and must have the required documents for the South American Country you are traveling to. If you need the complete rules and the necessary forms for any of the South American countries visit [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - Immigration Info and scroll down to the country. You can also find the pet transport rules for all of the worlds airlines in that same store. Everything can be emailed to you.



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      You can choose any of the pet friendly airline. But in the plane you could not take pet along with you on the seat so you should take any of the pet friendly flight.