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Flying to Sweden with Bulldog

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  • Flying to Sweden with Bulldog

    Hey everyone,

    I will be flying internationally to Sweden from the United States in May. I am moving there with my fiance and really really want to bring my bulldog along.

    My questions are:
    Are bulldogs able to fly internationally?
    Can they fly in the cabin or will it be in cargo?
    Will she be quarantined?

    Has anyone else experience this and what can you tell me about your experience?

    Thanks so much!!


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    Re: Flying to Sweden with Bulldog

    Stevie - Bulldogs can enter Sweden as long as their requirements for the import of pets is met. Your challenge will be finding an airline that will carry your Bulldog. Due to its weight, it will no be able to travel in the cabin (it must be very small) and most airlines will not carry English Bulldogs in the cargo hold. Additionally, in mid-May, the summer heat embargo starts and the restrictions for carrying brachycephalic breeds (of which Bulldogs are) are increase.

    If your pet is another breed of Bulldog, you may have a better chance. You will need to find an airline that will carry your pet the entire way as airlines do not interline pets. If you need information regarding entering Sweden with your pet, you can find it here: If you have additional questions, let me know.


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      Re: Flying to Sweden with Bulldog

      Hello I am new to this.
      My name is Robert and I am flying my dog from New Jersey to Stockholm Sweden. She is a Labrador and has not been fixed. She may be in heat during October. She has all her paperwork at that time and my family will be traveling non stop to Stockholm. She is in an approved crate with all the stickers and equipment she needs. We chose New jersey so we would not have to middle land anywhere. Please let me know if there are problems with SAS airlines for this. We have met all their requirements so climate wise October 20th is a good temperature for her to fly in Cargo and the airplane is Airbus 330. Thanks Robert