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International carriers that allow Emotional support Animals

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  • International carriers that allow Emotional support Animals

    We have travelled to Europe with our dogs a few times as my boyfriend works abroad. We pretty much know all of the rules and restrictions to get them there, but this last trip home from Prague, we had a problem. My dog that is small enough to travel on the plane with us figured out how to chew out of and break the zippers of the bag she is supposed to travel in. Between Prague and Munich, she chewed out of the carrier and we rushed into the luggage shop at the airport and bought a new carrier...made our connection to Los Angeles...within the first 30-minutes we saw a guy pointing to the ground in the isle...there was our little doggie staggering up the isle (she was on a double dose of doggie downer prescribed by her vet). The flight attendants were very mad and told us that they would have to land the plane if I could not keep her in the carrier. I tried to hold it shut, but it was not working. Our dog is the sweetest dog, and would never hurt anyone, but hates being put in any kind of confined area. When the flight attendant in charge came to talk to us, she could see that we were very distressed, but they have strict rules. She said that they would block off one of the rest rooms and I could sit in there with her. So, for the next 8.5 - 9 hours I sat in the bathroom with her. Thy allowed me to return to my seat for landing and hold her between my legs on the ground. I need to travel back to Prague in March... If I have her certified as my Emotional Support Animal, can she travel without the carrier? if so, which international airlines accept the Emotional Support Animal Letters? Thank you!!

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    Re: International carriers that allow Emotional support Animals

    I believe you were fairly lucky with the flight attendants. In some cases we have heard of people being put off the plane and or fined for just such a problem.

    You will need to call the reservations office of the airline you wish to fly to see if they will accept Emotional Support Animals. For awhile a lot of them were and then it got abused by travelers and now very few do accept them. You may have better luck with an a US flagged air carrier rather than a foreign one. However if your pet will fit under the seat in an approved pet carrier then I am not sure why you need the Emotional Support Animal designation. I would also be careful with the use of medical tranquilizers for your pet. Most airlines do not allow them. You can only find the answer you are seeking by calling the reservations office of the airline you are flying and asking them their policy. If you need the rules for having a pet designated as a Emotional Support animal the information is here: