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    Although London is a fantastic hub for culture, history and everything in between, itís nice to get out once in a while. For this and many reasons, itís always helpful to know of your travel options whenever you want to get out of London.
    Whilst driving has its benefits, no-one wants to deal with traffic and the exhaustive nature of driving all the time, particularly when you are on holiday. If you want to go further afield, and not waste lots of money whilst youíre at it, then you should definitely look into the benefits of rail travel, especially since there are always cheap train fares available.
    Rail Links
    The rail network links you to all the major locations within the UK. East Coast Trains, for instance, have major routes and services connecting you from London Euston all the way to Edinburgh. This gives you quick and easy links to Leeds, York and Newcastle, all major cities situated across the UK.
    Additionally, stopping via Edinburgh can help you reach further locations, such as Glasgow, Inverness and Aberdeen, covering most of Scotland.
    The only other methods that do this, offering you a surprising amount of freedom and flexibility, are driving, which can be expensive and tiring, and flights, which are more limited due to needing the airport. So, your best option for traveling outside London definitely seems to be using the train.
    Cheap Travel
    Of course, finances are always going to be important. Not everything has vast amounts of money to dedicate to something as simple as travel, so it helps to know when is possible. This helps on the longer journeys, such as those going all the way up to Scotland, where you want the trip to be as cheap as possible.
    If you book in advance, you can make the most savings. This not only saves you money but gets you a seat on the train; something to be thankful for on some of the longer journeys.
    In short, itís not often that youíll want a break from London, but when you do need to get out, it helps to know that there are plenty of options, giving you lots of choice without straining your wallet. With cheap affordable routes both in and out of London, it seems that trains should be your first port of call next time you want to venture beyond the city.

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    I think it would be enjoyable when you travel with enough money to buy something anywhere and anything you want. And I'd prefer to ride a train