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Bringing my yorkie to Costa Rica

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  • Bringing my yorkie to Costa Rica

    I am flying with Delta Airlines to Costa Rica this Friday. we are only going for a 18 day vacation and I am bringing my 4.5 lb yorkie with us. I made the reservation with delta 6 mo ago and and told them i was bringing Lola with me. They told me I only need a health certificate form my vet and a rabies certificate.
    Today, I went to my vet in NYC and she told me i need to bring the health certificate to the JFK's vet and have him/her sign the health certificate. and that we need to do this before friday.
    i have 2 questions: is this a new requirement ? my friend always go to costa rica with her little Chihuahua and never had to do this.
    and second: does the JFK vet will charge me for that? and how much??
    Thank u for ur help!!!

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    Re: Bringing my yorkie to Costa Rica

    It is better to have the USDA certification which costs $38.00. It is very official looking.

    However, if your pet has been vaccinated for rabies and is accompanied by the APHIS form 7001 veterinary certificate signed by your licensed veterinarian you will not have a problem entering Costa Rica.