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Is a Transit License required for Qatar?

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  • Is a Transit License required for Qatar?

    I am relocating from Kathmandu (Nepal) to the UK and need to transit the Gulf. My dog has an EU Pet Passport and jabs are up to date. I know that I need a transit license if the dog goes via Bahrain on Gulf Air. But does Qatar require one if we go via Doha on Qatar Airways?

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    Re: Is a Transit License required for Qatar?

    I assume you are aware that your pet must enter the UK as manifested cargo. If you fly into Qatar and out to the UK on the same airline and the layover is under two hours then normally the airline will transfer the pet from one plane to the next. However since on the last leg the pet must travel as manifested cargo this is something you need to discuss with the airline. If the above are not the conditions then you will need to comply with the rules for entering Qatar and then re-check the pet as manifested cargo on the next flight.

    Since you are coming from a country with a high incidence of rabies are you aware that the pet must have a blood titer test six months in advance of the travel date?

    If you need the detailed instructions and forms for taking your pet back to the UK they are available here: