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Pet export ban from Indonesia?

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  • Pet export ban from Indonesia?

    We want to export a small pet rabbit from Indonesia to the Netherlands. Anyone know if current export restrictions of pets from Indonesia extends to rabbits or is it just cats and dogs because of rabies issues?

    To end, does anyone have any experience of obtaining export licenses and health travel certificates in Indonesia? I's just so frustrating trying to get information here and there's no transparency of info.

    Thank you anyone who can help.

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    Re: Pet export ban from Indonesia?

    Documents Required for Pet Export

    1) Vaccination Record

    The vaccinated date must not less than 30 days, but not longer than 1 year.

    2) Health Certificate

    Need to take the pet to the pet hospital in order to issue the Health Certificate within 7 days of the departure date.

    3) Copy Passport of the owner/shipper

    Copy passport is required of the photo page only.

    4) Export Permit.

    Need 3-4 working days to apply for the Export Permit.

    5) Petís Container

    The transport must be a standard plastic pet transport certified as meeting the standards of IATA. The shipper or a moving company has to prepare food and water in containers with access from outside the transport.

    Director of Animal Health
    Department of Agriculture
    JI Salemba Raya 16 Second Floor
    P.O. Box 1402
    Jakarta, Pusat, Indonesia 10014
    Telephone (021) 314 2838
    Facsimile: (021 314 3937



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      Re: Pet export ban from Indonesia?

      Hi Jerry,
      Thank you for taking the time to reply. It helps a little. What vaccination are you referring to please? You mention pet hospital, do you mean a recognised vet? I assume the export permit is given by the Director of Animal Health? A nightmare to get all this in Indonesia.

      Thanks once again my friend.


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        Re: Pet export ban from Indonesia?

        The vaccination required depends on the country you are traveling to. Each country has its own regulations as to what vaccinations are required to enter that country.

        Any veterinarian who is licensed by the governing body for veterinarians in Indonesia can sign the form.

        There are three licensed pet transport agents in Jakarta who can assist you with the paperwork but of course they charge a fee for their services.

        Go to and then click on Find A Pet Shipper and do a search for Indonesia.