After 5 years in London, I will be soon be relocating back to the US. I am bringing my dog with me, but don't feel comfortable sending him via the cargo hold of a commercial flight. The option of going via Cunard's Queen Mary cruise line also wont work as it's booked through March 2014.

Given that, I'm hoping to gather other pet-owners interested in flying a similar route so that we can share a charter flight. With enough people, the cost is pretty reasonable.

So I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in this? My ideal route is London to Boston in January, but I'm very flexible in terms of route and timing - anything as long as I can avoid putting my dog in the cargo hold. (Basically, anywhere UK to anywhere on the east coast of the US/Canada between now and February would work.)

Please let me know if you're interested and I can share more information.

Thanks in advance!