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    Hi everyone,

    We're travelling from China to the EU in a few months with our cats. The final destination will be Italy, but we will be entering the EU in Paris. I was wondering if anyone had entered the EU (or better, Paris) with their pets and if they could shed some light on the actual animal check.

    The cats will be in cabin with us, and so we will go through passport control and customs with them. Can anyone tell me what they actually check at customs. Is it roughly a paperwork check and quick visual to make sure you've got the same animal you have paperwork for, or does it get more involved? Will we have to remove them from their carriers for a full inspection? Do they scan for microchip, check eyes ears the whole nine yards?

    Has anyone been through this before, either in Paris, or anywhere else?

    Oh, and also, if anyone has been to Paris (CDG) I've read that there is a pet area in terminal 1, does anyone have any feedback on this? Is it mostly for dogs on leashes, or is it a space where a cat (on or off of a leash) could be let out to stretch a bit. And is Terminal 1 the only terminal that has this facility? We're flying into 2E (I believe) and out of 2G, is there any such pet area in Terminal 2?

    If you'd be willing to share your experience with us we'd really appreciate it! Anything at all, we'd like to know as much as possible. Thanks so much!!