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From New Delhi India to New York with stopover 3 hr Frankfurt Help!

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  • From New Delhi India to New York with stopover 3 hr Frankfurt Help!

    My name is Patricia and im travelling from New delhi to New York on September 18, my Pomeranian dog will be travelling with me . but he will be going as checked baggage...we will be having a stopover in Frankfurt Germany for 3 hours

    I choosed a Lufthansa flight because i have been told is the safest for pets and it really concerns me that this travel will be so long. From India to Frankfurt is 7 hrs and from Frankfurt to New York is 11 hours i think

    I wonder where my pet will be for those 3 hours at Frankfurt, whether i can check on him or call someone, what if they dont put him in the same plane as me?, im extremely worried and freaking out as the date gets near. I would aprecciate if you can share your experiences so i can be more relaxed and reassured about his well being

    Im doing the paperwork with a delhi veterinarian that is experienced in this and also i have read a lot and informed myself about all the requirements. As im just staying in New York 2 days, Nacho's papwerwork from India still will be valid to travel with the next American Airlines flight to our final destination Cancun, Mexico

    He is my world, i love him dearly, that is why im taking him with me. I will be staying in New York for 2 days so my dog Nacho can rest, our final destination is Cancun, Mexico. For that i have bought a plane ticket with American Airlines that has the only direct flight from New York to Cancun, 4 hour flight, is this airline safe for pets? any suggestions and comments about my PET TRAVEL would be really aprecciated!

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    Re: From New Delhi India to New York with stopover 3 hr Frankfurt Help!

    You will need the bi-lingual health certificate and the internal and external parasite treatment just prior to entering Mexico.

    Our pet passport package contains a bi-lingual form as well as the parasite treatment form:

    Since the layover is more than two hours you should talk with Lufthansa about how the pet will be handled. It might be a problem in which case you would need to enter Germany with the pet which of course requires the microchip and blood titer test. Only Lufthansa can advise you on that issue.