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First time flying with a cat (IST - CPH - KEF - BOS)

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  • First time flying with a cat (IST - CPH - KEF - BOS)

    Hi there,

    This coming Friday will be my first time ever travelling with a pet. I'm flying from Istanbul to Boston with a kitten. I've been trying to find a guide online for how to prepare his carrier for the flight, to no avail. He'll be travelling with me from Istanbul to Copenhagen in the cabin, but then he'll be in the cargo hold for our last two flights. I plan on taking him into the cabin in a soft-shell carrier, and then switching him to a hard-shell carrier in Denmark.

    Here in Istanbul it is impossible to get dry pads or "Live Animal" stickers like the ones for sale on this website. Can you please suggest alternatives? Would a towel be okay? Alternatively, I thought about buying Depends undergarments and making a bed for him out of those. Would duct-tape with "Live Animal" written on it with permanent marker suffice for stickers?

    How should I go about affixing his paperwork and his food to his cage? Should I include his original paperwork in/on the cage, or should I only affix duplicates and keep the originals with me?

    Also, the only soft-sided case that I can find here has just one ventilation screen in the front of the case. Will this provide enough air for him? If it doesn't, is there some way that I could modify it? The flight from Istanbul to Copenhagen is approximately three hours. The selection of hard-shell cases here is severely limited to 2-3 models, none of which will fit under an airline seat.

    If you can please help guide me in preparing his carriers for our flights, I would be most appreciative! Thank you so much!!

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    Re: First time flying with a cat (IST - CPH - KEF - BOS)

    The airlines will permit shredded newspaper in the crate. IATA Live Animal Regulations state that a green LIVE ANIMALS label must be present on the crate together with green arrows (2) pointing upward saying THIS WAY UP be present on all 4 sides of the crate. Just be sure the lettering is block type and in green color and duct tape edges when applying to the crate.

    Put the original paperwork in a sealable clear plastic bag marked "Original Documents - DO NOT REMOVE" and duct tape the edges of the bag to the top of the crate. You can attach the food with. Zip tie or tape.

    As for the soft carrier, the requirements are that adequate ventillation be required and that the carrier is secured (no snaps or buttons to secure the carrier) and the bottom is waterproof. You may want to direct your question about the carrier to the airline to be sure.