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Travel to Europe with a dog.

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  • Travel to Europe with a dog.

    Hi everyone, I have a plan for the future to travel to Austria or Belgium with my bitch in order to mate her with a dog there. It's something I will be considering in about 2 yrs but need to know how much it might cost and the relevant legal requirements etc so that I can either go ahead or change my plans. I think I have to get her vaccinated against rabies and get her a passport, but can you tell me if she would be able to come in the cabin of an aeroplane with me or does she have to go in the hold or whatever they call it

    I know it seems to be a long way off but the time will pass before we know it and I want to be prepared.

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

    I do not have enough information to answer your questions. What country is your pet traveling from and how large is she? How much does she weigh and what is her measurement from tip of nose to base of tail and from top of head to ground when standing?


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      Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

      I would also be very interested in the outcome.
      As far as I know, Austria requires AT LEAST the following and it must be done in a chronological order (step 1 before step 2 and so on):

      1. Microchip implantation
      2. rabies vaccination (it must be older than 21 days when entering Europe!)
      3. issuing some identification papers for the dog (not specified what those papers must contain).
      4. ?

      However, unfortunately from point 3 on it is not clear what the Austrians want.
      When the pet comes from another European country then they want the European pet passport for No.3.

      If the pet comes via flight, they MIGHT want a certificate - that would be No.4. - that the pet is healthy but it is not clear, if the certificate is really necessary for an accompanied pet or not and within how much time it must be issued before entering the flight.

      I tried to ask Air Austria, but they only sent me a weblink (which I had known before) and the content under that link is confusing to put it mildly.

      This is the link they sent to me.

      It goes further here: ntry_of_pet_animals_from_third_countries_into_Aust ria

      I have been emailing with the employees of this carrier for a couple of days now, especially the Canadian department as we would travel from Canada to Vienna, and somehow, no one wants to let me know what the airline wants at the Toronto check in (sometimes the airline has some extra demands for the passenger pets above the demands of the destination country).
      The Air Austria pet travel experts (or rather "experts") always refer to the second link above whose content is rather confusing and refuse to give any further explanation.

      For example in the information leaflet there is talk about a certificate which must be issued within 10 days of entry to Austria. In the model certificate again, the talk is about 24 hours. And so on.
      Especially the model certificate is a catastrophy as I am afraid that all non-lawyers get lost in it. I did...

      That is why I wrote to the airline in the first place, but they refuse to clarify the requirements until now.
      I am not really happy with them, of course, as on the company website they offer help but you do not get any help from them regarding this issue.
      But let's see... maybe some miracle happens.

      4 of our 5 pets are from Europe and have the European pet passport, they would re-enter Europe.
      The fifth pet is a Canadian cat. It would be his first entry to Europe.

      As for now, if anyone has some experience with dogs and cats traveling from Canada to Austria accompanied by the owner, please let me know what they demand at the check in.
      I am really afraid of a nasty surprise there.

      Thank you


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        Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

        As I can see, the UK rules are a better read

        but as far as I know, in contrary to the UK, Austria does not require the tapeworm treatment.


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          Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

          That is what I found on the DEFRA website regarding the certificate that a dog or cat needs when entering the European Union.

          "Third country official veterinary certificate
          A new third country certificate became available from 1 January 2012 for the non-commercial movement of up to five pets from all third countries into all EU Member States, including the UK. This can be issued by official veterinarians in all third countries. (...)
          There is new certification for three groups of dogs, cats and ferrets entering the EU from third countries:
          •Non-commercial movement of up to five pets (Annex 2 certificate)
          •Non-commercial movement of more than five pets (Annex 1 certificate)
          •Commercial movement from third countries (Annex 1 certificate)"

          The EU harmonized the pet movement rules as it was quite a chaos before.
          The abovementioned certificate is the same for all countries, but the Austrians do not need the blood test neither the worm treatment when you come from a so called listed third (non-EU) country.
          The DEFRA as well as the Austrians have the list of these "listed third countries" available online. Canada is one of them, I think the US is on the list, too.

          Hope it helps.
          The DEFRA online information is MUCH better than the Austrian version. Absolut worth reading before traveling to Europa even if some British rules (the deworming requirement) do not apply for most of the European countries.



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            Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

            hi all,
            Viewing with a dog or discover out out is now much easier with the new EU pet solution available from any vet.
            All creatures, cats and locations must have a solution and, for identification specifications, be set with an electronic micro-chip or have a clearly obvious and obvious and easy to understand personal individual human tattoo designs designs styles, used before Sept 2011. (Tattoos are not accepted by Ireland in europe in europe in europe,

            All creatures must be vaccinated against rabies and everything completed up with in their pet solution. The vaccination must be conducted after the microchipping or needling.
            From Jan 2012, particular tapeworm treatment must be given to all creatures by a vet before entering Finland, Ireland in europe. Details of the treatment must appear in the pet solution and the dog can then enter the country between one to five days after the treatment.
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              Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

              Tatoos are not recognized in the EU anymore. Also, tapeworm treatments are only for dogs and no other animals. Tapeworm treatment is required between one and five days of entering Finland and the UK.


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                Re: Travel to Europe with a dog.

                I thinks travel with pet like dog is not allow in airplane because it can harm some one.