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Dog Holiday - London to New York

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  • Dog Holiday - London to New York

    We are looking to travel from London to JFK for a holiday and bring our small coton dog with us.

    We have obtained a pet passport and made sure that he has had all of the relevant jabs etc.

    We are trying to find out whether it is possible to bring the dog on the same plane as us from Heathrow. I've read conflicting opinions about this. Some say that I need to go through a cargo company which can cost up to 1,000. Some say that dogs can be brought along and checked in as cargo for a small fee. I don't mind which airline we use, but would prefer to not go through a third party, unless they were well priced.

    Has anyone made this trip before? Any advice is much appreciated.

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    Re: Dog Holiday - London to New York

    The policy whether to use an agent to move a pet to and from the UK is an airline policy. Although British Airlines requires it, there are many others that do not.