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Conflicting info on requirements to import to Saudi Arabia

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  • Conflicting info on requirements to import to Saudi Arabia


    I am relocating from Beijing to Saudi Arabia with 2 cats and receiving conflicting information from Saudi embassy here in Beijing and pet relocation firms.

    Do you have to get all records and documents translated to Arabic and also authenticated by the Saudi embassy/consulate? They will be in English and Mandarin. Some sites and relocations say yes, and some say no. Also, anyone have experience with obtaining a pet import permit? Cost? Something you can do on your own?

    Thanks - this is keeping us up at night.

    Saudi embassy in Beijing and in Riyadh have not been forthcoming with information either - have called both.

    K Kahn

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    Re: Conflicting info on requirements to import to Saudi Arabia

    The documents should be in English and Arabic.
    An import permit is not required but you do need to file a notice of the pets arrival prior the time of the trip.
    Consulate authentication is not required but seems to help at the time of entry if you have the ability to get the documents to the Saudi Consulate.
    Saudi Arabia is not a pet friendly country and because the language is Arabic it can be difficult to get pets through immigration control.* We strongly recommend you use the services of a local agent to assist you to avoid problems.
    If you need the complete and detailed instructions as well as all of the forms they are available here and can be emailed to you.* These instructions also contain the contact information for an agent in Saudi Arabia who can assist you in getting your pet through customs control: