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Bringing a puppy back with me from Sweden?

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  • Bringing a puppy back with me from Sweden?

    I live in the USA but I am interested in importing a puppy from Sweden next year. I would like to fly over and meet the breeder and the parents of the puppy when it is ready to go home. According to the list on the pet travel website, Sweden is a rabies free country. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of paper work I'd need and what kind of fees I would pay to import a puppy? Could the puppy fly in cabin with me under the seat? Are there any age requirements for the puppy? I'd like to bring it back at about 8 weeks old. I've flown with dogs domestically so I know what the basic process entails, but the import regulations are a mystery to me and I can't find good solid information on the web.

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    Re: Bringing a puppy back with me from Sweden?

    The United States is very pet friendly, and would only require that your pet be vaccinated for rabies prior to entry. If your puppy has not finished with their vaccinations, a form for home quarantine would be completed. You can find instructions and forms here:

    Many airlines have minimum age requirements for travel. We suggest 10 weeks as a minimum age for travel, but certainly traveling in the cabin is better for a puppy. You will need an airline compliant pet carrier and lots of pet pads for the long trip. If you need one as well as pads, you can find them here: (

    Although this varies by airline, the puppy can fly under the seat with you if the puppy can stand up and turn around in its carrier and the weight of the puppy and carrier does not exceed around 11-14 pounds. You will need to check with the airlines for the weight.

    As for fees, you will need to check with the airline, but they normally run around $200.