Hello, everyone. I have an opportunity to make an extended Europe visit, 2-3 months. I plan on taking my little guy with me--8 lbs and a good traveler. Since I plan on getting a short term apartment rather than moving around a lot, I am looking for recommendations on what country/city you all have found to be particularly pleasant with a small companion. Something reasonably affordable with good rail links would be ideal. Paris fits two criteria, great rail and very dog friendly, but it can be screaming expensive. It doesn't have to be one of the 3 countries above...those are just what is in my mind right now.

Any and all ideas ref your experience very welcome. I picture Marley and me (he's named after Bob...not the book!) being able to step out for a coffee and visit with the locals, really absorb a place. But we come as a set, so he has to be welcome!