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relocating from Bermuda to Boston

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  • relocating from Bermuda to Boston

    I need help regarding relocating our dog (border terrier) from Bermuda back to the US. He has only been on a plane once, when we brought him back from England at 10 weeks old. Of course, now I am worried about him, but we plan on not flying him anywhere again!
    My question (because i seem to get conflicting info all over the web, and with the agents of delta and united here in bermuda) is regarding his safety traveling in the summer (he would be coming out mid- to end of july). Is it even safe, should I even bother trying to get him on a flight? We have a family that takes care of him when we are off-island and they are willing to keep him as long as necessary, bring him to the airport, etc. If this happens then when is considered, temperature-wise, a safe time to travel?
    Thank you for your help