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Driving to every country on earth with our dogs. Can it be done?

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  • Driving to every country on earth with our dogs. Can it be done?

    Hi folks,
    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip around earth and know that our 2 dogs (Jack Russell/****zu and Corgie/Poodle) would love the adventure too. The thought of leaving them behind is heartbreaking for us but we know it would be worse for them. We plan on making a documentary about this adventure and the dogs are an important part of the story. We'll be travelling in a Landcruiser Troop Carrier 4x4 so space shouldn't be an issue (they sleep in the tent with us when we go camping, hehe). They love the car travel, especially when we go offroad. But after reading alot of posts on this site and others, it looks pretty bad for our babies.
    My biggest concerns are disease, national parks, vets, immigration, shipping and accommodation (i'm sure i've missed alot of other topics, would appreciate any more problems to add to that list).
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Yours in hope,

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    Re: Driving to every country on earth with our dogs. Can it be done?

    It is great that you are planning this wonderful trip with your pets. However, unlike people who get passports from their originating country that are valid for entry anywhere they go, animals must conform with a country's regulations, and very few of them are the same. Some countries require advance planning including blood titer tests and import certificates. Few have quarantine, but several do. Every country has a veterinary certificate and many countries require that they be filled out by a veterinarian immediately prior to entering the country. So, besides careful planning, you will have to visit veterinarians along the way.

    Before you start, you will need to chart a route and find out what the requirements for the countries that you plan to visit. You will need to try to avoid routing through countries with high incidence of rabies as it is more difficult to enter other countries from those countries. If you could be more specific as to where you plan to start and what countries you wish to travel through, we would be happy to let you know if your route is practical for your pets.


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      Re: Driving to every country on earth with our dogs. Can it be done?

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. We will be starting in Australia and island hopping our way through Indonesia to Malaysia. When we get to Singapore, we will turn right and make our way along the coast and then head up to Mongolia and Russia (in a round about sort of way) then make our way to Japan. Put the car on a ship and then head over to Alaska. Down the west coast of North & South America. Up the East coast of South America. Carribean etc. Florida and then the East coast of North America. Car on a ship to UK. Drive down to Spain and on to Africa. West coast and central at times to Capetown then up the East Coast and Central at times to the Arabian nations to mediteranean and Europe up to Scandinavia and across to Russia. Down to Himmalayas, across and down to South and East Asia back to Singapore and back to Australia. Hopefully stopping in every country we can.
      I understand we would have to stop at every country for a vet visit but how much money are we talking about? And is there a vaccine for rabies or all dangerous diseases?
      Thanks for your time,
      Marc & Cata